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My first sex with a man was accidental


My first sex with a man was accidental.

We met at weddings, stayed with him to sleep because I had a little drink. Of course, we undressed and when he saw that I was wearing a thong, he said, “uh, what a good ass.” I just laughed.

We went to bed, he started to stroking his cock. He says “let me just put it in to you,” I say “put it.”

He removed his thongs and started stuffing it slowly. I started moaning, he says “don’t worry, it will come in whole, I have to work my ass a little”.

Of course he came in all over me. He held it for a while and began to slowly pound it faster and faster until it ended up in my ass.

I enjoyed it, it was nice.
He says “I filled your ass, did you enjoy it”, I say “it was great”.

We showered and repeated again in the morning. It was even better and more beautiful.

So I started having sex with men.

Date: August 5, 2019